Sunday, March 27, 2011

Britney Spears

So, I have been ALL over the place lately.  March 11-13th: Idaho.  March 17-23: Jersey.  And now, this past weekend, March 25-26, I was in Las Vegas.

Just on Thursday, I was invited by MTV to an exclusive, private event at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Britney Spears was there to perform a couple songs from her new album as promotion.  My co-worker and best friend, Justine, and I went, and had an INCREDIBLE time.  We were legitimately 5 FEET AWAY from Ms. Britney Spears.  It was epic.  She performed "Hold It Against Me," "Big Fat Bass," and "Til' The World Ends."

Here is a picture at the event that I snuck.  Below that picture is a picture that Britney tweeted after her performance of her about the same time I took my picture...Just from a different angle.
Picture from

...Well, I know you're probably thinking what does this have to do with being Mormon?  Well, not much, but Justine and I had a couple experiences at the show that were pretty cool.

Experience #1: As we were entering the venue, we met this girl that was dressed fairly immodest, and holding an alcoholic drink.  She asked us where we were from, and we told her that we drove down from Utah, and she said, "Oh, I grew up Mormon."  Right then, I just got so sad, because even though she may LOOK like she is having fun with "living life" and parties, she gave up the one thing that will ever TRUELY make her happy.  It is my hope that she will one day realize what she lost.

Experience #2: Inside the event, Justine and I met another guy and girl at the event that flew in from San Diego.  They were very friendly.  They asked us if they could get us a drink, and we declined.  They asked, "Do you not drink?"  We said, "No, we don't drink ever."  Now, people can choose their response, and while they could have said, "Wow, you are missing out.  You're lame," they said, "Oh, that's really cool, I respect that.  Good for you."  It made me happy to know that there are people out their that do respect my choices even though they aren't "popular."

Anyway, all in all, it was a really fantastic, great, and short trip to Las Vegas.

I also got to eat at my favorite frozen yogurt eatery...Yogurtland!  Yummmmm!!

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  1. does a teacher from Jersey get invited to these affairs? Also, liked the insight about popularity. I just read Alma 35 where it speaks of the 'popular' Zoramites. Check it out, they were not as kind as the people you met.