Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011


Mom, Dad, Elaine, Krista!
Hey!  So...Let's start with the family report this time.
Small World Stories!:
1) I had dinner this past Monday evening with the Miles Family.  It turns out that the father or the family (Brother Miles) and his son (Ian) used to home teach Great Grandma Edwards when she was at the nursing home.  I thanked them for checking up on her, being diligent home teachers, and loving her during this time.  How great is the home teaching program that the Church has!  What great comfort it is knowing that these church members were taking care of my Great Grandma.
2) At dinner this past Friday evening, I found out that this family (The Addises) know Naomi C's family very well!  The father served in the same mission as Naomi's husband (and they both grew up in Vegas, so they knew each other from that as well).  And their girls are familiar with Naomi's sons J and C.  They all talked about how talented J is at photography and how cute they all think he is.
Food Report!:
Monday: Oven Roasted Chicken
Tuesday: Pulled Pork Enchilada (Cafe Rio)
Wednesday: BBQ Ribs
Thursday: Chicken Tenders
Friday: Chicken Pillows
Saturday: BBQ Chicken and Cheese Pizza
Sunday: Stir Fry (Yay Chinese Food)
So you're probably wondering what the subject of this e-mail has to do with missionary work.  WELL...It has EVERYTHING to do with missionary work.  We did A LOT of tracting this week in attempt to find new investigators to teach.  (PS: We still haven't found any, but we are hoping they will come soon.)  Anyway, while tracting Elder T and I like to play games.  Many of the games we play are "What's the next word in that Disney song?"  or "Guess that Disney song."  or "(Name of Disney movie).  What's your favorite scene?"  (Clearly our lives revolve around Disney.)  Lately we've been singing a lot of Pocahontas.  "Have you EVER HEARD THE WOLF CRY to the blue corn moon?  Or ASK THE GRINING BOBCAT WHY HE GRIN?  Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain?  Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?"  And we run around the apartment singing Disney songs as well.  Like, all the time.
Interesting Story Of The Week!:
So...While tracting on Tuesday, a man let us into his home.  We asked him about his beliefs, and he said that he is Paegan (Pagan? Sp?).  Anyway, he was awesome!  So friendly and so nice.  He told us that before we came into his house he put a spell on his house that anyone wishing him harm or anyone with ill will would not be able to walk through the door.  So, maybe when he invited us in, it was a test to see if his spell worked.  Before we left he "cast a good spell" on us.  That was rather nice of him.
The heat is hot...That hasn't changed much.
Wow...How sad that I don't really have much else to say.  Like I said, this week was pretty uneventful...Just tracting.
I love my companion.  Elder T bought a card from Hallmark that had a picture of Woody and Buzz Lightyear on it and it says, "You've Got A Friend In Me."  (One of our inside jokes is because of that stupid song "You've Got A Friend...In...Me.")  But yeah, in it he wrote about how we are best friends and all of our inside jokes.  What a great companion.  I'm treating him to lunch today, because it's just a nice thing to do.  Dad always takes his mission companions out for lunch/dinner (still), so I figure I'll just start with that tradition now.
Oh...One more story!  We have been teaching Karlie, an 8 year old.  Normally we wouldn't teach 8 year olds, but because her family is less-active, we taught her the missionary lessons.  She was baptized this past Saturday, and it was wonderful.  Her grandfather is a Temple President, and he and his wife flew to Vegas to go to the baptism.  He baptized and confirmed Karlie.  It was really great to meet him and his wife.  I can tell from just our short interaction that they are doing wonders in where they are from.
And one more really short story:
Okay, the lady that fed us last night is Chinese and she spent her childhood growing up in a Chinese family owned restaurant (JUST LIKE MOM).  She was so excited that we had that connection.
Anyway, keep sending letters.  Tell everyone that I love their letters!  They keep me alive.  Tell Aunt Donna and Aunt Cheryl, "Thank You" for e-mailing me.  I love their thoughts that they shared and I love them and their families!
Elder Sean Edwards

Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 15, 2011

Wow!  What a week.  I don't even know where to start.  This e-mail might get lengthy, but it's worth the read.  I promise.
I'll start with baptisms.  We had 4 baptisms this week.  Dawn, Ray, Cameron, and Kelly.
Dawn's Baptism: It was a great experience to see another Young Single Adult faithfully enter through the gate that leads to Christ.  She was so happy, and smiling the whole time.  There was a great turn out.  She wants to go to BYU, so maybe I'll eventually get to see her up in Provo.  Elder T and I taught her the lessons at the Bishop's house, but now that she is part of the Singles Ward, she will now be taught by the Assistants To The President.  They are over her ward, and will continue with post-baptism lessons.  Dawn was so sad that Elder T and I wouldn't be teaching her anymore.  She expressed how upset she was right in front of the APs.  Oops.
Rick's Baptism: AWESOME!  Rick is a 72 year old man that is just ready to accept everything that the Lord wants for him.  There were OVER 100 PEOPLE at his baptism!  I am so happy and pleased to see the wonderful fellowshipping by the ward members.  Rick is already calling the ward his "family".  That is EXACTLY how investigators and new converts should feel.  Rick is a crossing gaurd for the kids when school is in session.  He calls the children, "My kids."  When he was being baptized, all the kids gathered to the front of the font to watch.  After Rick was baptized, he stood in the font, smiled the biggest smile, pointed at all the kids, and said, "Look at all my kids!"  Oh, it was the happiest experience!
Cameron and Kelly's Baptism: Cameron and Kelly are brother and sister.  Their Dad just got baptized about a month ago.  The Dad baptized his daughter Kelly.  It was such a special experience.  This family has seen a complete 180 in their home since taking the missionary discussions.  Everyone is happier.  I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost at their baptism.  It went well.  I used a quote by Elder Worthlin.  He says, "This of what [receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost] means, the ability and the right to recieve the ministrations of a member of the Godhead, to commune with infinite wisdom, infinite knowledge, and infinite power!"  I love that!
*Que music* NaNaNa LaLaLa NaNaNa DaDaDa!  The FAMILY Report:
Tuesday: I had dinner with a family in the Waterfall Ward (last name Bailey).  It turns out that the mom is REALLY close friends with Debbie!  AND, Brett's wife, Kim, painted them a picture just after their first child passed away.  They said that it meant the world to them.
Also on Tuesday, Elder T and I were out tracting and we knocked on a door.  A 20-something year old answered the door.  He said that he was the only one home and he was just visiting the family he answered the door of.  He said that he is from Logandale.  It turns out he was/is in Aunt Donna's ward!  He was like, "YEAH!  Your uncle was my Bishop!"
Wednesday: Saw Jeff again at Desi's Baptism!  She is now attending his ward.
Saturday: Elder T, Elder N, Elder S, Elder C, and I went out for YOGURTLAND! (Because it was 8:30 and everyone gets mad at us when we knock on their doors at like 8:00).  Well, as I am filling my yogurt cup, I feel a tap on my arm.  I look over and it's Sheldon Paul!  Small, small world!  It was great to get to talk to him about his family and how the Keith and Judy Family Reunion went!
Sunday: So yesterday, I was at church and it was Ward Conference.  Before church started, the bishop came into the congregation to get me so that he could introduce me to the Stake President, President  M.  He said to me, "So, you're Mahlon's grandson!"  It was so exciting.  He knows Grandpa and Uncle Keith well.  He says that they were incredible mentors for him and that he has a great and strong love for the whole Edwards Family.  What a wonderful Stake President.
*Que more music* RaRaRaNaNaNaLaaaaaaDAAAAAAA!  The Food Report!
Monday: Teriyaki Beef
Tuesday: Lunch - Boneless Buffalo Wings with Mango Sauce, Dinner - Enchiladas
Wednesday: Chicken Breast with Artichoke Hearts and Sun Dried Tomatoes over Pasta
Thursday: Steak Nachos
Friday: Lunch - Turkey, Cranberry, and Stuffing Sub, Dinner - Lasagna
Saturday: Teriyaki Shredded Chicken
Sunday: Honey Mustard Glazed Pork
Oh, this past Tuesday we had Zone Meeting and the Zone Leaders asked Elder T and I to be a huge part of it.  We acted out 3 scenarios in which one of us was doing the wrong thing and the other companion had to lovingly correct the other.  It went well.  All the other missionaries thought our role plays were funny.
Elder T and I took the picture of us with Bieber the Turtle and made planner covers out of it.
I continue to learn so much every day!  Mom!  Have you started reading in the Old Testament yet?  I started reading from the very beginning and I've already finished Genesis.  I've never realized how strange the Old Testament is, but at the same time there is a lot to gain.  I think it's incredible how effortless and how easy it was for Joseph to forgive his brothers after selling him into Egypt.  Amazing!  Get ready for Seminary!  Woo!
Yesterday, President M taught Priesthood.  He gave a really good lesson, and incorportated math into it.  He said, "What if the Inverse Square Law ( f = 1/d<squared>) is true of our spirituality?"  Then, the smallest amount of sin will drive us EXPONENTIALLY further away from the Lord.  I think that's amazing!  This wasn't talked about in class but it's how I see it: I look at Laman and Lemuel.  Their sin started off as something small...Mocking, back-biting, and gossiping about their Father, and LOOK at where that got them = Exponentially further away from the Lord.
Well...I will leave you with that thought.  I hope you all enjoyed my weekly e-mail.  To everyone that has written me letters: Keep them coming...I LOVE them, and I love all of you!
I love you, family!  You are the best!  Your son and brother love you VERY VERY ETERNALLY  MUCH!
Elder Sean Edwards

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pictures! August 8 2011

Please write to Elder Edwards !  Those letters he gets keeps him going. :)

August 8 2011

Mi Familia! :)
HAPPY P DAY!  It's so funny...We treat P Day like it's a weekly holiday.  It's great.
So, first I want to talk about the baptism this past Saturday.  I taught Amanda in the MTC, and had the great opportunity to go to her baptism.  When I first walked into the church building, Amanda recognized me immediately and came running up.  She said, "Oh my gosh, I didn't know you were coming!  I'm so glad you could come.  I've told everyone about you!"  Then, she ran over to the missionaries that taught her most of the lessons and said to them, "This is Elder Edwards, the one I was telling you about from the MTC!"  It was so great to see that even though I only got to teach her once, we had formed a great relationship already.  Right before the baptism started, Amanda came up to me and told me that she was feeling nervous.  I reassured her that she was making the best decision she could at this time in her life and the Lord is with her every step of the way.  When she walked back into the room, she was glowing with the Spirit.  It was amazing to see how happy she was.  It's incredible to think of the generations of her family's lives she will change because of her decision to follow Christ.
The ward that Amanda has been attending is one of the Young Single Adult wards in Las Vegas.  Well, it just so happens that Dad's cousin, Jeff Edwards, is a counselor in the bishopric of that ward, and he was presiding at Amanda's baptism.  I went up to Jeff after the service and we just embraced and cried.  We started talking about how I graduated and already started my teaching career before my mission.  I said that I kind of did things weird, backwards, and different (considering most LDS guys go on a mission at 19 years old).  Jeff said something along the lines of, "Hey.  It was never 'if' you were going to go on a mission, it was ALWAYS 'when' you were going to go."  It was really a special and incredible experience.
We got to go to the Las Vegas Temple on Wednesday.  Of course it is a temple that I just love SO much.  As always it was a spiritual and uplifting experience.  I wish we had the opportunity to  to the temple more often.
I think you asked me if I ever get to see my friend Jess' brother, Elder N.  I don't remember if I ever answered this question, but yes.  I see him all the time...At least once a week at District Meeting and sometimes more than that.  We took some pictures at the temple this past Wednesday that I will try to attach to this e-mail.  Or, send in another e-mail.
Que theme music *NaNaNaNa*!...Food Report!
Monday, Aug. 1: Pizza
Tues.: Lasagna
Wed.: Enchiladas
Thurs.: Pizza
Fri.: Pork Loin
Sat.: Spaghetti
Sun.: Tuscan Bow Tie Pasta
It's amazing how many Special Education teachers I've run into.  It makes me so happy whenever I can talk about those special children and how much I love them.  One of the bishop's wives was a Special Education teacher, the father of one of the girls getting baptized at the end of the month was a Special Ed teacher, and last night Elder T and I went to visit a family of an 11 year old daughter who isn't baptized who we would love to start teaching lessons to and her Mom is a Special Ed teacher.  I love it!
So you asked me to tell you about a typical day.  Wow.  It seems like NO day is typical.  I'll try my best to go through a typical day (one without P Day, or District/Zone Meeting, or Church, or etc.).
7:00 - 10:30 = Get Ready!  (Shower, exercise, breakfast, personal study, companion study)
10:30 - 12:00 = Teach Lesson / Tracting
12:00 - 1:00 = Lunch
1:00 - 5:30 = Teach Lessons / Tracting
5:30 - 6:30 = Dinner w/ Members
6:30 - 9:00/:30 = Teach Lessons / Tracting
9:00/:30 - 10:30 = Get Ready! (Plan for next day, shower, BED!)
This week will be a busy one.  We have Dawn getting baptized (a YSA we have been teaching that goes to Jeff's ward), Rick getting baptized, Calie getting baptized, and Kelsey getting baptized.  I love them all SOOOO MUCH!!  It has been so incredible watching how the gospel has improved their life.  I love them, I love them, I love them!
Well, I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!  I'm so happy that I get to be with my family for eternity!  I hope you feel the same way...You better feel the same way...Of course you feel the same way!
Make sure to keep the other family missionaries in your prayers, Elder Hong and Hermana Hong.  And, all the missionaries everywhere :)  Remember to search, ponder, and pray over the scriptures.
Tell the ward and extended family and friends that I love them and their letters!
Elder Sean Edwards

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 1, 2011

Hi Family!
Okay...I don't even know where to start.  Oh, it's Monday, and we decided to do our e-mailing today just in case the temple session on Wednesday goes longer than expected or something like that.  We didn't want to cut into precious e-mail time.
I just brought the package of shirts to the post office today and there are pictures inside, so that should get to you sometime soon.  There wasn't any postage on it, and I put two stamps on it because that's all I thought it needed, but I guess it's actually like over 5 bucks to send that thing.
Well...I know you, being my parents, are concerned that I'm not getting fed, or eating.  Fear no more.  Here is what I had this week for dinners:
July 25: Cheesesteak
26: Tacos
27: Seared Ahi Tuna (which is so funny because we got an ahi tuna dish in Los Angeles before my mission thinking I wouldn't get the chance to have ahi tuna for 2 more years...And 3 days into the mission field, I'm eating ahi tuna.  The members take good care of us here.  I'm sure now it will be another 2 years though...)
28: Sloppy Joe
29: Grilled Chicken
30: Lunch: California Burger and Dinner: Stew
31: Pulled BBQ Pork
...Now I know how missionaries gain weight on their mission.  I'm going to come home as a balloon.  No, put me on a slope and I'll be a meat missle!
The road names in our area out here are weird: Power Quest, Blue Autumn, Amish, Passionate, Jamaica Princess, etc.  But, Krista would LOVE it out here, because MOST of the road names in our area are bird related: Birdwatcher, Birdcall, Grass Sparrow, Tufted Duck, Rock Dove, Cape Eagle, Bird Man, Little Owl, Penguin, Quiet Peeps, Perching Bird (we have an investigator that we teach on this road), Cackling Goose, amoungst others.
Elder T(my companion) said something interesting about tracting that I never thought of before.  He said that very few investigators come out of tracting, but when we go tracking, we show faith in the Lord and missionary work and then the Lord is able to bless us by receiving investigators in other ways like through referrals, etc.  I never thought about it that way, but it's true!
Christian's baptism this past Saturday went really well.  My favorite part was hearing Christian's testimony.  He's this big football player (BYU, Washington, Utah, and Arizona are all talking to him right now) and his testimony is stronger than he is.  He started crying while bearing his testimony and telling the story about how he found the missionaries and about our discussions with him.  He is great.
President and Sister Black also came to the baptism, so it was really great to see them.  Sister Black said to me, "I saw a picture of you the other day."  I thought, "Oh great!"  She said she saw a copy of my Drivers License picture!  She started cracking up...She thought it was so funny.  I told her, "Oh how embarassing, I promise it was a phase, It's over!"  It was funny.  She's awesome.
As of right now we have 4 baptisms scheduled!  Callie and Kelsey Fitzgerald (brother and sister), Rick Haws (an elderly man), and Dawn (who lives with the Bishop of the Waterfall Ward, Bishop Reese).
Last night we had dinner at the Bishop's house.  We got to talking and he asked, "So where are your parents from?"  I told him that my Dad was from Vegas.  He asked what Dad's name is and I told him.  He then asked, "Who is your Grandpa?"  I told him.  And, HE KNOWS GRANDPA AND UNCLE KEITH!  He said that Keith and Grandpa were at Drew Hinrichsen's (I think it was his brother's) mission setting apart when they served in the Stake Presidency together.  He was so excited and kept telling me what great men they are.
Then, a man picked us up to go to his place to teach his foreign exchange student that is staying with their family.  His name is Graham.  It turns out he knew Grandpa and Uncle Keith as well.  He said that they set him apart as a missionary when he went on his mission.  Pretty cool!  He looked at me and said he could see some Edwards' resemblence.  I was so happy when he said that.
Oh, this post is titled Drip Drop because it rained 3 times in my area this past week.  Isn't this supposed to be a desert?  I rather it be a dessert actually.
People are telling me that if I ever want to teach in Vegas, just let them know.  But, for now I'm just focusing on the mission.  That can all be taken care of later.
Well keep me updated on all the events at home...Keep sending me mail and encourage others to send me mail.  It makes me so happy when I receive a letter.  Even if it's just something small.
I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOO MUCH!!!  I think about you all every day.  Tell Elaine that I think about her every day!
Elder Sean Edwards