Monday, August 20, 2012

No longer nervous

Sorry to any readers, but I am very bad at remembering to post Elder Edwards' emails onto the blog.  He is however doing wonderfully, less than a year to go on his mission.

First and foremost (I did not forget): HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MOM AND DAD!!!  :)  YAY!!!  100 years of being married!  What's the secret?!?  Peace and Love and Good Food!
S was baptized on Saturday, August 18th.  Elder O had not been "in the water" to baptize anyone his whole mission, so we let him perform the ordinance.  He did a good job.  I gave a talk on Baptism and the Holy Ghost.  It went well.  President Black said that he loved my talk.  I was glad considering I only had notes and nothing scripted written down.  S is so wonderful.  I love her.  She was crying and so happy to be baptized.  I shared with her Mosiah 2:41 with her after she was baptized and told her that is her!  She cried some more.  She said to me, "Your parents must be really proud of you."  I said, "They better be."  Just kidding...I just smiled.  It was great.
T and A: These are the P.  girls.  They are so fun.  We love them.  They will be baptized this Saturday.
M: Her baptism is changed to September 15th.  See Spiritual Thought below for explanation.
M: New investigator.  She is the girlfriend of a less active.  Very nice.
T: Same
M and L: Same
N: Same
N and E: Same
B: So awesome!  I love the discussions we have with her.  She has great faith.  Her brother just died this last Christmas and so the Plan of Salvation lesson brought her a lot of happiness.
N: Same..He is going back to his Dad's this week on the East side so we won't get to see him as often anymore.
P and L: New investigators.  They just moved here from the East side.  They were taught everything and are ready for baptism once L marries her boyfriend.
C: A member in the ward met her at Wal Mart and spent 3 hours on the bench until 1 in the morning talking about the gospel with her.  She invited her to dinner and so we had dinner and a discussion.  She is awesome.  I love her.
R: New investigator.  Actually, Elder O taught him in the other mission and now he just moved into our ward boundaries.  Funny!
Food Report:
Monday: Chicken Pillows
Tuesday: Cancelled our dinner appointment because we were so busy teaching discussions
Wednesday: Stuffed Peppers
Thursday: Spaghetti
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Tacos
Sunday: Grilled Chicken
-President Black came out with us for the evening on Thursday.  It was great!  We taught three discussions with him.  He had really good input to give.  He said to me while in the car, "Elder Edwards, I really like how you ask inspired, Heaven-sent questions to your investigators."  So nice of him.
-President Black asked me to bear my testimony at Zone Conference on Friday.  So I did.
-22 lessons this week!  Yay!
-Oh, we saw a broken down truck on Decatur on the way to our dinner appointment during rush hour.  We pulled our car over and pushed the truck to a gas station.  I'm like this tiny little person pushing this monster thing and no one else could get out to help!  Just kidding.  It was fun to give service.
Spiritual Thought:
M was set to be baptized this weekend.  However, the person who she wants to have baptize her is going through a repentance process and Bishop said he would not be ready to baptize by the time of the baptism.  M this whole time since we set her with a baptism date has been saying, "I'm nervous" about her baptism.  Well, now she is saying, "I'm excited!" about her baptism.  What changed?  The fact that now she has to wait until September 15th really hit her.  When she first heard this, it brought her sadness.  When she realized she was sad and disappointed she would not be baptized this weekend, she realized that she really is excited and not nervous.  It is so interesting how the Lord answers our prayers...Many times in the very LEAST way we expect answers.  I am so glad M is excited for her baptism instead of nervous and scared.
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!  Keep sending letters!
Elder Sean Edwards

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